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Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching

Level One Training Program

Emotional Intelligence and Energy Mastery

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Imagine a life where you are living your purpose while partnering with horses and making a significant impact on others’ well-being. Every day you feel warmth and expansion in your heart because you are finally living your calling. You are a conduit for positive change and deep connections. Are you:

  • Tired of looking at your horses, knowing they are waiting for you to live your potential?
  • Wanting to help others through the power of horses, but need more confidence to do so?
  • Ready to understand and integrate new levels of energy and emotional intelligence into all of your relationships?
  • Currently offering Coaching with Horses sessions, but they lack the transformational, soul revealing, and life-altering depth you know is possible?
  • Life coaches, riding instructors, therapists, artists, and counselors who wish to integrate horses as teachers and healers into their life purpose, vision, or business attend the online EFLC Level One training program. This course provides coaching and facilitation skills creating empowerment for all attendees.

The Coaching with Horses: Emotional Intelligence and Energy Mastery – (EFLC Level One) training program teaches the philosophies, theories, and methods shared through the stories found in Hope from the Heart of Horses: How Horses Teach Us About Presence, Strength, and Awareness, and Life Lessons through the Heart of Horses, both by Kathy Pike. The ELFC Level One has been taught globally to hundreds of individuals for the last fifteen years.

The EFLC Level One Online Training Program is for individuals who wish to:

  • Feel confident and strong while having steps to guide their clients into new realizations with horses.
  • Make a more significant impact in the world by coaching others, setting powerful boundaries, and let go of old patterns of behavior, so they can step into new levels of leadership to create the life they desire.
  • Receive the tools, processes, and training to confidently lead others through mind-body centered, or somatic approaches, in equine learning sessions, creating mind-blowing transformational experiences for clients.
  • Experience deep communion with horses and lead others through similar life-changing experiences.
  • Have an experienced mentor to show how to deliver highly transformational sessions, saving time and frustration.
  • Learn and understand while guiding others to experience the powerful energy exchange and invisible communication that is possible between horses and humans.
  • Learn and integrate what it means to be “horse-like” and sink deeper into pure authentic expression.
  • Provide profound results for their clients while also growing their business and income.

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Coaching with Horses: Emotional Intelligence and Energy Mastery (EFLC Level One)

The ten-week Coaching with Horses: Emotional Intelligence and Energy Mastery – (EFLC Level One) teaches individuals to step into learning the horses’ way based on authentic expression and energy and emotional intelligence. You move away from fear or trepidation into strength, clear intuition, and the ability to hold sacred space as an equine-based learning facilitator.

By the end of the course, you will feel confident in delivering transformational equine-based learning sessions with ease. What would it be like for you to stand with a horse as your co-coach, teacher, healer, and mentor for others? Are you ready to develop your unique voice and focus on the rapidly growing movement of coaching with horses? You will raise your emotional intelligence and connection with horses as you help others to do so. If you are ready for this life-enhancing and changing training program with horses, you are invited to apply for an interview.

Learn and expand your skills from anywhere in the world so you can partner with horses in an entirely new way. Learn the crucial structures, coaching skills, and processes need for EFL sessions. Gain the skills to help people identify where they are and where they want to move towards as they deepen their sense of authenticity, self, truth, and purpose, all guided by the majestic wise equine coach. Stop overthinking, wishing and waiting, and gathering excessive amounts of information, all actions based on the ego’s desire. Instead, follow your inner guidance and start living in an expansive state of consciousness while providing coaching with horses sessions for others. Additionally, this program is approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for Continuing Coach Education. Learning with horses is now available to you from anywhere in the world.

This program is not for you if:

  • You are lacking the ability to invest in your horse, yourself, or your path at a professional level.
  • You do not want to take the time needed to learn in a 10 -week online program.
  • You are willing to allow the days to go by, knowing you are not living up to your potential or life purpose.

Program Structure

During the Coaching with Horses: Emotional Intelligence and Energy Mastery – (EFLC Level One) Kathy Pike will guide you step by step through the processes for facilitating individuals with a horse. As you progress, you will start coaching others with Kathy’s guidance and mentoring. To apply and be accepted into the EFLC Level One training program, you must have:

One or more horses for your session work.
Solid horse handling skills and a sense of safe behaviors with horses (on the ground).
The ability to join Kathy on the phone or Zoom and to watch webinars and tutorials online.
A natural motivation and ability to initiate and self-direct with the material provided.
The continual passion for personal development through coaching, therapy, workshops, and self-reflection.
A desire to provide transformational experiences for others with horses.
The openness to work with a mentor who will guide you to deepen into your own authentic self and clear limiting conditioning that no longer serves you.
The readiness to be in a ten-week professional training program.

The online portion of the training program provides weekly modules with videos, audios, documents, and other resources with unlimited access in a Member’s Only Area. Live weekly mentoring calls are provided by Kathy Pike to ensure the highest quality experience.

How it Works

To be accepted into this program, you must:


Meet Requirements

You must meet all requirements listed in the program structure section above.



You must fill out and submit the Program Application.


Be Willing to Learn

Be willing and ready to learn the processes, structures, and mind-body-centered approaches for sessions.

The Application Process

 It is essential to begin your application process from a clear, grounded, and relaxed state. Working with horses in the way that Kathy will teach you is life-changing and enhancing. The EFLC Level One is an in-depth course, and you must be prepared for the life-enhancing experience it can be.
If you want a proven professional training course with all of the structures and tools you need, plus a mentor to empower you to your next level of intuition, authenticity, and capacity to coach others, then proceed forward.
This application is not a quick form to get into the door to create a connection, have a light chat about horses, or something else. This is the beginning of a possible longer mentor relationship that will support you in the transformation of your life, your relationship with horses, and how you guide others to greater levels of expanded awareness, consciousness, and fullness in their life.

Drop into your body and heart and be in the process in the same way you would want to be with a horse, openly and authentically. Kathy offers intuitive guidance and years of experience in this field to those who desire a mentor of this caliber. The path in providing equine-based learning sessions is grounded in a facilitator’s ability to be present and understand the energy exchanges that horses offer. Kathy is here to teach you that process.

Kathy’s learning containers are dynamic and deepen you into integrating awareness and intuition levels you have not experienced before. When you work with her, she will give you her full attention and dedication to provide you the experience and guidance to empower you in this beautiful, life-changing coaching with horses work.

Kathy is a life coach of thirty years. In the last twenty years, she has interviewed thousands of individuals interested in working with horses in this spiritual way and becoming a facilitator of equine-based learning sessions. She knows what limits you from taking action and can guide you toward your authentic path with horses, your next steps, and your values that must be honored on your life path. Additionally, you experience her gift on an energetic level as you have her entire presence and focus.


Tuition for The Coaching with Horses: Emotional Intelligence and Energy Mastery – (EFLC Level One) ranges from $2700 – $5k depending on the level of entry and any specials being offered. Payment options are available.

Application Time

Plan at least 10-15 minutes to complete the application process. Take time to answer each question as it is the beginning of your journey with Kathy.

Coaching Call

After you submit your application, you will be sent a link to complete the process by making a non-refundable one-time installment of $100 for your call with Kathy, along with a calendar to schedule your call.

Kathy provides 28 years of professional coaching experience and is an expert at asking questions that ignite her clients’ truth. You may or may not be to enter into the Level One program; she will offer you other resources if she feels that the program is not a good fit for you, or there is a step to take before enrolling. If you sign up for the EFLC Level One program, within two days of your call with her, the call fee of $100 will be transferred toward the EFLC Level One tuition payments and you begin the course shortly thereafter.

Click the button below to submit your Application to Kathy. After submitting, check your spam and junk mail folders for emails from Kathy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time per week will I need to learn this material and practice with my horses each week?
A minimum of 6-8 hours a week is needed to watch the tutorials within the weekly modules and practice the exercises.
How many people are in your program?
Kathy feels a smaller group of individuals with in-depth conversations honors the teachings of horses at a more substantial level. Her live calls typically have 5-8 students per call, and all questions or concerns are address. The personal live time with Kathy is a crucial part of the learning process and the student’s professional development.
How is The Coaching with Horses: Emotional Intelligence and Energy Mastery – (EFLC Level One) professional training program different than other programs?

Kathy has spent the last 30 years developing her unique style guided by her herd of horses. She has written three books that share her passion for advocating equine intelligence (Hope from the Heart of Horses, Horse Spirits Speak, and her most recent, Life Lessons from the Heart of Horses). She is currently working on two inspiration oracle card decks. Kathy offers a profoundly spiritual approach and teaches her students to see beyond the obvious and tune into their intuition and understanding of energy patterns between horses and humans.

Kathy’s philosophy on the concept of comparison is that an individual loses vital life force energy when approaching a decision-making process of this nature from a comparison mindset. The invitation is one of energy, and you must determine if you have an energetic resonance with her teachings. The invitation is to listen to your heart and the energy ignited within you as you call in your next mentor, teacher, or guide. A true teacher empowers and guides you along with providing proven structures, methods, and processes. The EFLC program has developed for eighteen years as Kathy has traveled the globe teaching. The process and deeper learning levels happen as she guides you to integrate them into your way of life.

What is included in the program?
The program includes ten modules with videos, audios, client worksheets, step-by-step protocols, transcripts of live sessions, video of live sessions, meditations, sample coaching scripts, and study guides. They are in a member’s only area that you can visit at any time. Additionally, all weekly mentoring calls are recorded and available to you. The live calls total 40-50 hours of direct mentoring with Kathy.
Will I have to decide if I want to work with Kathy and enter the Level One program on the call?
You will have two days after the call to make your decision. Kathy does not want to push anyone into making a decision and understands some people need time to process after a call.
Does Kathy do one-off sessions?
Kathy offers one-off coaching sessions based on moving and clearing any limiting or conditioned energy or pattern you may be experiencing. She coaches her clients back to alignment and authentic self and supports them with any mentoring needs. Her fee for one-off sessions is $350.
Should I apply even though I can’t currently afford the investment?
It is entirely up to you. A call with Kathy always brings greater clarity and alignment to her clients as she functions as a mirror and conduit for change during the conversation. It is not uncommon for individuals to suddenly find or be gifted tuition monies from other streams than their own.
I am intimidated and feel a mixture of fear, vulnerability, and nervousness reading about the program and considering a conversation with Kathy. Should I proceed forward?
A conversation with Kathy often can entail positive change and energetically opening. Being a little nervous is normal. Working with horses in this way can be a type of initiation, a new way of walking through life and being in this world, a way based on horse wisdom. Before this happens, people often feel nervous, excited, scared, or vulnerable.
What if I am already a seasoned equine learning facilitator?
Many individuals who have studied other modalities and programs attend the EFLC Level One. In this program you gain deep body-centered coaching processes and critical pieces such as creating safe containers, respecting the true nature of horses, and tapping deeply into intuition as facilitators and coaches. Kathy is a teacher for teachers and a coach for coaches. Take what you learn in the online Coaching with Horses: Emotional Intelligence and Energy Mastery – (EFLC Level One), and your sessions will transform in ways you never expected.
Will the program change my relationship with my horse?
YES! The foundation for being a good coach and facilitator for others is to do one’s personal work and exploration of energy dynamics with horses. Your horse becomes your teacher and masterful coach. As you practice the tools to deepen your presence, connection, and communication, new experiences and realizations emerge. Students report how deeply the relationship with their horses becomes and that they receive much more than they anticipated by following the guidance that Kathy provides.
What if I am new to this body of work?
This course will help you to learn the steps, safety protocols and build your confidence to step into this work. You will leave with great clarity about your path with horses and also gain personal development along the way. Be ready to develop your energy and emotional intelligence as you guide others with horses. And most of all, be prepared to learn and walk the horse’s way in a more authentic exchange of energy.
Have more questions before applying? Contact us now.

Enroll Now Open – Act Now!

I am not ready now to apply at this time. Let me know when you are launching your next program. . .

Toni Harris, Canada

“I am LOVING the Online EFLC course … the breadth and depth of the material are brilliant! I’ve done countless online courses and seminars and wanted to let you know how beautifully this is being presented. So rich and full. Thank you for this offering – feeling incredibly grateful to be with you on this path!”

With Metta, Nicola Robinson Evans, Evolve Sanctuary, Australia

“Kathy’s extraordinary course has opened my entire being to a whole new understanding of the nature of this reality and her offerings have expanded my awareness way beyond what I was once conditioned to believe were possible. Kathy’s profound teachings allowed me to connect much deeper to my intuition and become aligned and in tune with the radiant heart energy of my glorious herd and the harmonious wisdom they share. The Coaching with Horses journey empowered me to hone the craft of recognizing and liberating old patterns of energy that inhibit our capacity to evolve and blossomed my ability to be enlightened to all that surrounds me. This course is a powerful life tool for everyone and anyone who intends to dive deeper into presence and the bountiful space that living from pure, authentic awareness creates. I am forever in awe of, grateful for, and truly humbled by my journey with Kathy and feel endlessly honored to be in service to the whole, that is the Divine Collective Herd.”

Anna Marie Ellison, USA

“While applying Kathy’s methods with my horses, I shifted from numbing out difficult emotions to instead move through them and gain an entirely new level of emotional intelligence. Now that I have gone deeper into my own spiritual exploration with horses, I feel congruent and confident in leading others. I thought I was a very present person, the horses taught me how to go even further into presence and create a genuinely emotionally safe container for others. This program solidified my power as a healer, animal communicator, and EFL instructor.”

Jane Salko, Southport, CT

“This online course was a lifesaver for me. We have a bustling lesson barn that I rarely have a chance to escape from for any length of time longer than a quick trip to a grocery store! The Level One training program gave me the tools, process, support, outline, and philosophy to feel confident and well prepared as I enter each new client session. I am now able to tailor each session to meet the needs of the client and their specific requests for change, enlightenment, or growth. My non-profit, called The Equine Academy Inc. is the home for this incredible work. I feel good and pleased that I took the course.”

Carme Comellas, Spain,

“The Online Level One and Level Two training programs have been a great experience. I have gained many tools to coach others with horses. I had to work hard on my vulnerability and feeling exposed speaking, as English is my second language. Just thinking about it made me nervous. Little by little, I gained more security and confidence on the live calls. I grew a tremendous amount in this process. The fact that it was online made me practice with my horses. My relationship with my horses drastically changed as they are now stepping into being teachers. I love this course because I can go back to the online modules and watch all of the tutorials and keep learning. My thanks to Kathy and the whole group of fantastic women with whom I shared the program.”

Natasha Vanoye, Belgium

“This program is exactly what I needed on my transformative journey with horses. Kathy has helped me accept my vulnerability and become more authentic. This also allowed me to develop and trust my intuition with horses thus creating a deeper partnership with them when facilitating coaching sessions with people. When doing so, I am in a spiritual zone that feels like home.”

Michelle Q., Cohuna, Australia

Kathy has provided me with tools of staying present in the moment or consciousness that has changed my life and will continue to change my life. It hasn’t only changed the way I ride and am around horses but in every other way in my life, whether it is with people or other animals. It is surprising how much less energy I use when I am present. I feel as though a piece to the puzzle of my wholeness has been filled. I will forever be grateful for the gift you have given me. Thank you.”

Anouschka, Canada

“My Level One training went beyond my expectations. During my Round Pen experience, Izzy allowed me to close a chapter in my life that needed to be closed. Through Kathy’s facilitation and Izzy’s Master Coaching, I now feel complete. The training also allowed me to grow as a coach, and I now have the Mind Body Method to add to my Coaching Toolbox. Thanks for an absolutely amazing experience.”

Tirza, The Netherlands

“After attending the EFLC Level One, I returned to The Netherlands, where I had various equi sessions planned with individuals and a big group. The Mind Body Method coaching model worked superb; it enriched my toolkit. It fits very well with my experience of being a systemic equi coach, and it makes my work, and very important the work of my horses, much easier and lighter.”
Have more questions before applying? Contact us using the form below.